About Us

Creative Content Crafts Inc. specializes in creating content for businesses and individuals. We offer a wide range of services, including copywriting, graphic design, video production, and social media management.

Our team consists of one man and many different AI agents. We are passionate about helping clients tell their stories and connect with audiences meaningfully. We have developed tools and services that utilize the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help our clients create engaging and compelling content.

Founded by Sergey Bulaev in collaboration with Ruslan Fazlyev, who acts as an early investor and advisor, Sergey has a storied history of various projects in content and software development. He spent over a year experimenting with AI content creation, focusing on automated dynamic content generation through prompt generation and embeddings vectorization.

Additional Services

  • Custom Strategy Development: Personalized content strategies tailored to each client’s goals, industry, and audience demographics to ensure alignment with brand identity.
  • Comprehensive Analytics Reporting: Detailed reports analyze performance across all platforms, providing actionable insights and recommendations.